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Every visitor can use the navigation menu in the upper part of every web page in order to choose a product category which he would like to take a look at, depending on his devicy brand and model. The search bar can be used by visitors in order to find products which meet a visitor's search criteria. If you would like to review the product details of an item, you need to click either on its name or its photo.


The shopping cart of is the place where you need to place the items that you would like to purchase. In order to place a product in the shopping cart of the website, you need to choose it, to set its quantity and to click the Add to cart button which is located right next to the photos of each product. If you would like to see the products which are in your shopping cart, you need to click the shopping cart button which is located in the upper, right corner of every web page.

Once you are ready to complete your order at, make sure that your shopping cart contains all items which you would like to purchase. If you reconsider and you would like to remove a product from the shopping cart of, you may remove it by pressing the X button.


Applying a coupon code can be done in the shopping cart of If you have received from us a coupon code for a discount, you need to check the checkbox next to Apply coupon code and then type the code that you possess. Make sure that you have typed the code correctly and press Submit. In case that you possess a valid coupon code and you have typed it correctly in the system, the amount of the products in your shopping cart will be adjusted automatically according to the terms of the code you have applied.


Once you have added to the shopping cart all products you would like to buy, you can press the button Checkout.

On the next web page you need to fill out your name, address, payment and shipping method. You are required to enter your first and last name, phone number, company name and VAT number (in case you would like to receive an invoice for your purchase), address and ZIP code. Filling out your email address is obligatory for all orders which are made at - you will receive an email confirmation about your order as well as order status updates.


The checkout page at will let you choose the shipping method that suits you most. Depending on your location and address, our system will show you the shipping methods which are available to you as well as the delivery time each of them requires.

Orders which are completed on business days, before 11:00, will be processed on the same day. If your order has been completed after 11:00, in a business day, it will be processed for delivery on the next business day. In case that you finalize your order on non-working days, it will be shipped on the next business day.


The payment methods section of our checkout page will let you choose your preferable payment method.


Please, spend some time to make sure that all the information you have provided us with is correct, and make changes if necessary, before finalizing your order. Once you have added all desired products which you would like to purchase, you have chosen shipping and payment methods, then you are ready to complete your order at

After you have finalized your order, you will see a page which contains your order's number as well as all its details. This page will be sent to your email address. Please print and keep that page.